Electronic Gold (E- forex trading s cashback forexe) What forextradingbrokerwebsite E-gold? E-gold is a service, in short, a financial service with the help of the international Internet. After a customer opens an E-gold online account forextradingwebsiteonline funds it with a credit card or cash, E-gold can sell gold, silver, platinum or any precious metal of the customers choice to its customers at a price determined by E-gold. The price is determined by e-gold and is roughly comparable to the market price of the various precious metals. E-gold was introduced in 1999, it was invented by a radiation oncologist in a Florida hospital in the United States, it is based on the real stock of precious metals, cheap, efficient and convenient. Also to 20% of the speed increase, 1999 online transactions amounted to more than 60 billion U.S. dollars electronic gold with circulation and investment double function, is a successful online currency, creating a gold back into circulation of the first electronic gold characteristics electronic gold has many characteristics: 1, it has stability and reliability and other currencies subject to the issuing countrys economic and government credibility is different, gold by the Intrinsic value, which is any currency cant be compared 2, it has universal, it is easy to be any country and personal acceptance 3, gold trading is not subject to any government restrictions, with complete independence Investors put money into the "electronic gold", and at the same time get the investment and credit card double function, when not in use and so is the storage of gold The role of electronic gold electronic gold to a countrys economic life has brought great opportunities first, it makes each country store gold quickly into circulation, so the central bank also do not have to sell gold reserves, reduce the pressure of the gold market because of the private purchase, hold the amount of gold greatly increased, thus promoting the Gold consumption second, it can cope with the financial crisis from the theory, a big financial crisis will make the ordinary currency quickly devalued, and gold-based currency will be safe operation again, it provides convenience for small companies electronic gold can be those who are not eligible to receive credit cards or do not want to pay credit card fees small companies use But, electronic gold also brings a huge challenge to a countrys economic life First, gold into circulation, will bring great opportunities and risks to the gold market, the price may produce large fluctuations Second, gold as a currency is not controlled by the government, may also provide convenience for the triads, anti-government forces, etc. Because electronic gold is a kind of digital currency with the help of the Internet, it exists outside the banking system, may become "money laundering "Thirdly, it opens the door for tax evasion and tax avoidance There is still a lot of work to be done for gold to really re-enter the circulation field First of all, it is to establish a huge gold purchase, transportation, storage and settlement system, which needs the support of the international consortium It is not enough to rely only on companies like "e-gold". In addition, it is necessary to join forces with important banks and large companies engaged in gold trading, so that investors can easily set up accounts, in which both gold and currency are stored, and can easily buy and sell gold on the Internet, and can easily convert gold into the required currency, and use it for payment activities, as if they had two currencies on one account at the same time. The development direction of "is gradually transition to make the worlds important banks can accept this kind of currency, establish a digital currency use system in our countrys gold market is about to go open, strengthen the study of digital currency like electronic gold, strengthen the supervision of online currency, develop network currency access, access policy, is our central bank urgently need to solve the problem