EA intelligent trading advantages of foreign exchange

Welcome to forexbang WWW.WaiHuiBang.com in the financial forex trading site market, foreign exchange forextradingbrokerwebsite more forextradingwebsiteonline more attention, his stability, low risk and high returns and trading time and the freedom to buy and sell won the majority of investors pro-gaze, and then individual independent trading that manual trading even in the foreign exchange market is also a big drawback, the current former Wall Street More than 60% of transactions are completed by programmed trading, programmed trading has great advantages over manual trading, has gradually replaced the trend of manual trading, is the future direction of development of the financial market future competition between traders, will be the competition between the program code, is the competition between intelligent trading system, whos program skills, who cashback forex beat the market, get additional profits EA Intelligent trading is the most advanced foreign exchange trading world, the most revolutionary changes, many large companies on Wall Street in New York, foreign exchange traders are not the main focus and time on manual monitoring and manual operation, but on the continuous preparation and perfection of their own trading strategies, and then compiled into an automatic trading system for the computer to automatically execute the advantages of intelligent trading is the human judgment trading can not be compared, from the investment reward The programmed trading is far ahead in terms of stability, average loss rate of long-term trading, decision-making mode, risk management, and execution ability, and the use of intelligent trading systems instead of manual trading has the following significant advantages: 1. Position control and trading discipline, risk control and profitability will undoubtedly be much higher than the manual manual operation 2. because the computer automatically place orders, can ensure faster orders, closing speed, can be more sensitive to respond to price changes and trend changes 3. the computer can overcome the weaknesses of human nature, the buy to buy, the sell to sell, no hesitation, no greed, win is not arrogant, loss is not frustrated, avoiding the The computer can monitor the market 24 hours a day, and at the right time and point to automatically enter and exit the market, completely without human intervention, you can sleep at night, the day at ease to engage in other work 5. last but not least, is the guarantee of profitability can make money is the hard truth, intelligent foreign exchange automatic trading system, although not to guarantee a hundred victories, but because of the integration of many Foreign exchange masters wisdom and experience, coupled with strict stop loss and risk control, position control, so there is no excessive trading, no emotional trading, no artificial manipulation of the inevitable greed and fear of winning or not and how much, depends entirely on the design of the automatic trading system ideas and writing level Summary of the advantages of EA intelligent trading: 1. Overcome the weaknesses of human nature, avoid emotional operations 3. automatic orders, automatically adapt to price changes and trend changes 4. 24-hour computer monitoring of the market, no human operation, you can rest assured that you can engage in the day job 5. strict risk management, no excessive trading Welcome to ForexBang WWW.WaiHuiBang.com