Economic data analysis

cashback forex most popular economic data can be divided forextradingbrokerwebsiteto three main categories 1.Economic growth figures 2.Trade balance figures 3.Inflation figures 1.Economic growth figures Gross domestic product (GROSSDOMESTICPRODUCTS) The total value of goods forex trading site services produced by domestic labor and resources Substantial GDP forextradingwebsiteonline a measure of the change in economic output excluding inflation, and The focus is on the percentage change in this value over a quarter and a year. The figure itself is a direct indication of the performance of the economy over a specified period and reflects the different stages of the cycle: flash, preliminary and final revision of employment data (EMPLOYMENTREPORT) When the economy is booming, employment increases, and conversely, when the economy is weak or in recession, employment decreases or even The unemployment rate is usually calculated as a percentage of the labor force, but the calculation of the total labor force varies from country to country. The monthly changes in employment and unemployment can be used as a reference for economic development. When analyzing this data, it is important to note that the figures may be affected by unusual weather or some industrial disputes Industrial Production (INDUSTRIALPRODUCTION) This data shows domestic industrial activity, and the industries included vary from country to country. (consumer goods, business and non-business equipment, construction and business supplies, consumer goods and equipment parts, etc.) and industrial categories (wood and wood products, furniture, metal materials, electrical machinery, transportation, food, fiber manufacturing, printing, mining, electricity and gas, etc.) The overall data reflect the economic cycle conditions during the economic downturn in the production of basic goods and consumer durable goods industry is usually the hardest hit Retail sales (RETAILSALES) The performance of the retail sector directly reflects domestic demand, the data include consumer and business sales Although retail sales do not fully represent consumer spending, but the data is still an important indicator of consumer confidence and demand Although the figures are usually seasonally adjusted accordingly, but still need to carefully analyze whether the figures are affected by other special Although the figures are usually seasonally adjusted accordingly, care must be taken to analyze whether the figures are affected by other special factors, such as unusual weather changes, companies using price reductions as a sales tactic or anticipating sales tax increases that may cause consumers to purchase goods in advance, these factors may briefly push the figures up. Average weekly hours worked by manufacturing workers 2. Average weekly first-time claims for state unemployment assistance 3. Orders for consumer goods and raw materials received by manufacturers in 1987 dollars 4. The movement of manufacturers inventories in 1987 dollars 8. The movement of prices of sensitive commodities 9. Trade balance (TRADEBALANCE) is the difference between a countrys external exports and imports. A strong export also increases the demand for its currency, because the importing country needs to buy the currency of the exporting country in order to pay for the purchase of goods. Inflation figures Consumer Price Index (CONSUMERPRICEINDEX) is a series of prices of goods and services composed of a pointer to measure the movement of consumer prices, which is an important data for the market to measure the performance of inflation if economic growth is high and consumer market demand is rising. If economic growth is high and consumer market demand rises, consumer prices will rise sharply, causing inflationary pressures, so the government may raise interest rates to control inflation and cool the economy. Food and beverages 2. housing 3. clothing and daily necessities 4. transportation 5. medical services 6. entertainment 7. other services 8. energy Production Price Index (PRODUCERPRICEINDEX) measures the production prices of domestic producers, miners, agriculture and utilities at different stages of production. The PPI does not include the cost of labor, the change in production prices will not represent the full cost of production, but the index is drawn from a sample of prices representing the cost of different production prices to drive inflation, so a significant increase in the PPI will drive up overall prices. This figure is calculated from the gross domestic product (GDP) to reflect the change in prices, thus reflecting the inflationary situation. The National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) National Purchasing Managers Index (NPMI) is compiled by the National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) Business Survey Committee, which sends monthly questionnaires to purchasing managers across the country to assess whether the manufacturing sector is up or down during the month. The national purchasing managers index can be considered a comprehensive economic indicator, summarizing the overall manufacturing conditions, employment and price performance, but the index is not calculated based on real price or employment change data, but only a survey of purchasing managers opinions, so the national purchasing managers index can only be regarded as a trend survey, not the real economic transformation rate of equipment utilization ( CAPACITYUTILISATION) equipment utilization rate is the U.S. Federal Reserve to measure the use of industrial equipment, this figure consists of three series of figures, including manufacturing series (the ratio of industrial output to equipment space in sixteen major manufacturing industries), materials series and utilities and minerals series equipment utilization rate is important to measure whether industrial volume into the bottleneck, if industrial If industrial output continues to rise, but there is limited space for equipment use, and output continues to increase, it will cause costs to rise and prices to rise.