Foreign exchange investment for different situations of investment strategy

real experience for foreign exchange investors forex trading site very valuable, cashback forexcause it allows you to know in what situation how to do speculation foreign exchange should be with experience to speculation, experience can bring investors profits, even more than the simple technology to work more top forex trading operation strategy is based on the market and improvise foreign exchange investment, buy by their own Confidence, when you feel that you can trade at forextradingbrokerwebsite time, and especially have a chance of winning, then at this time to buy, if there is no chance of winning do forextradingwebsiteonline move, this chance of winning how to measure it? Is their own estimate of the probability of price increases must be more than eighty percent, at this time to strike, otherwise free; sell by their own determination, many times investors will find that their own psychological, not to let themselves sell, in fact, this time you try to go to a determination to sell all positions, even if it is sold wrong, than you develop a habit of only buying, and not willing to sell good, because this habit of not selling will be the same. Because this habit of not selling will lead you to suffer very serious losses when you fall or dive, or even bring you the full loss of the evil consequences of holding the time to rely on patience, when the trend is relatively safe, that is, the form can never be in a downward trend, consolidation is also possible, at this time, if you are optimistic about the price of the future rise, then in their own stop-loss line above the run, you have been Hold a position, do not be anxious, patience to be able to bring the greatest benefits of foreign exchange investment when the market is in no quotes, then it is best for investors to learn to rest, empty positions to maintain a wait-and-see until the market appears to be a divergent trend, only to focus on buying opportunities because there is no market, the volume is very small, the price naturally can not produce too much volatility, whether you are doing short term, it is difficult to make The price is in a very calm trend, so that people simply difficult to operate, even if a small rise, but also immediately fall back in the face of this trend without large benefits can be charted, why to toss in it? Foreign exchange investors can then take this opportunity to take a good rest, to refresh themselves, and wait until the market really comes, you will know how to do at this time themselves to many investors why will not be willing to sell it? Because they just bought, the price is not above the purchase price, that is, they did not make money, can buy for nothing? So you do not rise I just do not out, the results of such behavior led to the foreign exchange investors step by step deep set up a lot of long term investors either originally intended to do long term, is because they were not willing to small losses, the results led to a few points of loss to todays dozens of points of loss, and finally can only choose to do long term wait until the price salted the day to unsettle themselves so be sure to forget about your Buy price, and according to the market trend to decide to sell price