Foreign exchange investment institutions foreign exchange trading operation report trading basis record analysis and review summary

capital market is a hunting battlefield, where there is a group of wolves waiting for the opportunity to move, they wait, lurking, until the only chance to eat prey, or even take out an elephant a foreign exchange investment institutions foreign exchange trading operation analysis report, for the protection of customer privacy, the middle to hide key information & nbsp nbsp;I. Situation: Xxx male account number: xxx email: xxx contact: xxx account opening forextradingbrokerwebsite 2017-3-11 initial capital of $ 13,000, midway out of $ 5,000 (out of the gold reason unknown) as of 2017-11-22 can use the funds 4521.30 U.S. dollars, a forextradingwebsiteonline of 3478.70 U.S. dollars, in accordance with the total amount of deposits, the rate of return of negative 26.7% Affiliated team: x teacher xxx foreign exchange real-x-x II. For part of the transaction record analysis and summary to 2017-11-22 transaction record analysis 2017-11-03 to 2017-11-06 trading customers trading oil: 0.2 lots, forex trading site, opening price 54.68, opening date 11-03, closing price 55.13, closing date 11-060.2 lots, short, opening price 55.71 Open date 11-03 close price 57.33, open date 11-03, close date 11-060.2 lots, short, open price 55.72, open date 11-03 close price 57.33 close date 11-060..4 lots of cashback forex oil, long open price 56.86, open date 11-06, close price 56.86, close date 11-06 short Total 0.6 lots loss of $736, a total of more than 0.4 lots loss of $19 on the chart 11-06 the current day trend on the chart 11-06 crude oil operating advice 11-03 the current day crude oil trend: 11-03 analysts give operating advice: 10-03 analysts that day to give operational advice is: short crude oil, when the offer 54.93. stop loss of 50 points, that is, at 55.43 stop loss. Stop loss of 150 points (i.e. 53.40 stop loss) contrast: 10-03 according to analysts operating advice 54.93 short crude oil, and then fell to 54.50, down about 40 points short, 110 points difference from the stop loss customer opening price 54.68, the first single 0.2 hands 54.68 open short single, followed by 55.71 open 0.2 hands, short 0.2 hands 55.72 open short single 10 -06According to analysts operating instructions, 55.94 do more crude oil, crude oil rose sharply, up to 57.57, could have made a profit of more than 160, the customer lost money to close the position Summary: 10-03 the day crude oil rose strongly, up to 55.76. The customer lost about $ 750 that day customer first position control at 5% (according to the net value of $ 4000 settlement), the overall position control at 15% that day. Risk control reasonable question 1: 10-03 day 55.40 price why customer single no stop loss question 2: the day breakthrough intraday new high 55.04, why stop loss but set at 55.40. question 3: why crude oil rose breakthrough intraday new high 55.04, the analyst did not guide the customer stop loss? Question 4: Why did the client open a short position at 54.68 near 54.93 and why did the client continue to be short near 55.71? Question 6: Are analysts able to communicate in a timely manner in serving their clients? Question 7: Are analysts guiding clients to strictly control their positions? The day 20:30 announced the big non-farm data, analysts recommended short gold, EUR / USD, GBP / USD that day gold from the highest point to the lowest point down 1200 points, EUR / USD from the highest point to the lowest point down 800 points. GBP/USD fell 700 points from the highest to the lowest point in the days trading to see the operation of four products, crude oil stop loss, other products are profitable  2017-11-02 trading customers trading GBP/JPY, 0.4 lots, short, opening price 151.008, opening date 11-02, closing position 150.877, closing date 11-02 The day the GBP/JPY chart: 11-02 the day the analysts gave operational advice 11-02 the day the Bank of England interest rate decision data due to the announcement of the Bank of England interest rate decision, 20:00 after the announcement of the data, GBP/JPY instant plunge, intra-day decline reached 2600 points customer short single GBP/JPY profit of 130 points, the analysts target stop loss of 400 points, the Stop loss of more than 600 points contrast summary: analysts recommend opening a short GBP/JPY price 151.008, the customer opened a short position price 151.008, the direction is correct, question 1: Why GBP/JPY plunge 2600 points customer 0.4 hands short single, only 130 points profit? Question 2: Can analysts do timely communication in the service of customers? The analyst also recommended short gold, crude oil, gold 300 was stopped out crude oil profit of 50 points stop loss 11-02 crude oil when operating instructions 11-02 crude oil when operating instructions 11-02 gold when operating instructions 11-02 gold when operating instructions 11-02 gold when operating instructions November 2 operation 4 single, gold, crude oil, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY gold stop loss, the other 3 varieties are profitable 2017-10 -30 trading customers trading EUR/JPY, 0.2 lots, short, opening price 131.648, opening date 10-30, close position 132.465, close date 10-30.0.2 lots, short, opening price 131.697, opening date 10-30, close position 132.469, close date 10-30.The days EUR/JPY chart: & nbsp;The day the euro / yen opening time is about 23:17 Beijing time due to the rapid rebound of the market, profit 200 points did not reach the stop loss, resulting in a loss of total trading instructions of the record to see, the day there is no euro / yen operating advice can not verify whether the analysts guide the operation and lead to losses 10-30 analysts operating advice 10-30 crude oil operating instructions 10-30 crude oil operating Instructions and crude oil on the day trend chart Comparison Summary: the analyst operation of the day gold stop loss, crude oil, in accordance with the expected profit stop Question 1: Question 2: guidance records why there is no indication of the operation of the EUR / JPY instructions? Question 2: Why did the customer short single EUR/JPY did not set a stop loss in a timely manner?B. 2017-10-12 trading: customer trading crude oil, 0.8 lots, short, opening price 50.50, opening date 10-12, closing position 50.89, closing date 10-12, a loss of $ 312 10-12 crude oil trend chart for the day 10-12 EIA data released on the same day  ;Contrast summary: the analysts operating crude oil that day, guidance is not a problem, 50.90 plus short positions, the lowest decline to 50.20 can be closed at a profit, the customer 50.50 open positions, there is no fill action near 50.90, question 1: why the dollar appeared to fill traces? Question 2: Why is the guidance to cover the short position at 50.90, but the client closed the position at 50.89? Question 3: Can analysts do timely communication in the service of customers?C.2017-10-13 trading customers trading GBP/JPY, 0.5 lots, short, opening price 148.562, opening date 10-13, closing 149.200, closing date 10-13, loss of $319 10-13 GBP/JPY intraday chart 10-13 GBP/JPY Operation instructions Comparison Summary: The analysts operate the day GBP/JPY, guidance no problem, 148.967 short, stop loss 149...290, stop gain 148.400 below, the days highest 149.230, the lowest 148.500.Question 1: Why show 148.967 short GBP/JPY, the customer open short is 148.562? 2: analysts in the service of customers among the timely communication?D.2017-09-01 trading customer trading 0.3 lots of gold, short, opening price 1321.10, opening date 09-01, close position 1355.20, close date XXX, loss of $1023 09-01 intra-day gold chart 09-01 the day the dollar trend Summary: the day of the big non-farm market, gold rose $10 about 1000 points, then fell 1000 points, the highest rise to 1334.1, the lowest 1321.0, the analysts instructed to short gold high, stop loss continued to move up to 1334.1, although the experience back and forth more than 2000 points of the market, but the operation is not wrong place, in line with the days market trend and the dollar trend Question 1: Why gold short single in the strong rise, the analyst pointed out to cover the short position, the customer did not appear to cover the action? Question 2: Why did not set a stop loss of 1334.1? Question 3: Can analysts do timely communication in the service of customers? Question 4: Are analysts instructing customers to strictly control their positions? III. Analysis of the report summary on the first draft of this report, take a sample of the analysis, mainly for customers with losses of more than 300 U.S. dollars to do a comparison report, the report summarizes the entire trading record from the point of view of the customer loss, and is the only loss of nearly a year since the customer reached 38%, I hope the leadership attaches great importance to 1. for its loss process and the reasons for the summary of a few points 2. There are problems 3. Strict stop loss is not strictly enforced 4.