Foreign exchange trading can not make a few mistakes

forex cashback forex site forextradingwebsiteonline forextradingbrokerwebsite trading to improve their success rate, the main is to regulate their own operations, reasonable risk control and strict stop-loss and take-profit So why a lot of foreign exchange investors in the foreign exchange market failed to return? The main reason is that investors in the process of trading made a lot of mistakes that should not be made, resulting in serious losses then we will look at the following in foreign exchange trading can not make a few mistakes 1, the judgment criteria can not be too single, without taking into account the general trend direction, do not consider the movement structure, do not consider the time period in short, investors in the analysis of judgment is best to refer to several analysis indicators, so that Can reduce your analysis and judgment error rate 2, forget the fundamental principle of limited awareness, conditional operation for investors, the mechanical use of any technical method is meaningless the same in foreign exchange trading for a variety of technical analysis is also the case investors must be in the premise of technical analysis combined with their own rational judgment of the foreign exchange trading market and make the final operational conclusions blindly believe 3, for each currency pair trading cycle should not be confused 4, investors should set experimental positions for each transaction, protective positions, chasing positions and following stop measures, investors in any operation can not forget, foreign exchange trading risk management is how to solve the technical method of the problem of one of the two magic weapons 5, in foreign exchange trading all grab rebound Technical operations are not to be believed because in the foreign exchange market is about homeopathic operations, investors can make good profits in the case of homeopathic, and bottoming out only at a point to carry out, it is difficult for investors to seize the rebound of the spot as an investor, should comply with the laws of trading in the foreign exchange market, respect the market remember that the foreign exchange market does not believe in tears, to put the laws of the market in the personal Before the emotions of the market, let their minds always remain calm, according to the market to make a reasonable judgment, only then can make money in the foreign exchange market