Foreign exchange trading eight no-go areas

  Foreign exchange trad forextradingbrokerwebsiteg also has no-go areas, trading during the best forex trading site to touch the relevant no-go areas, then the trading period to avoid what operation?  No. 1: before entering the market, more analysis, to see both sides of the news, look at the charts; after entering the market, to keep in touch with the market, forextradingwebsiteonline not because they have done a good position, cashback forex only look at the news on their own favorable a wind blowing, immediately close the position for the 2nd: do not do stubborn part of speculation in foreign exchange sometimes to look at the wind to make the rudder, do not do the old stubborn million kinds of market to the city, that is, sometimes good news into the market, the market conditions not only did not Do well, but rather down, that is, your previous analysis is wrong, please that the opportunity to make a decision, do not do the old stubborn 3rd: do not listen to those so-called experts remarks, we have to have independent thinking, do not people clouds, before placing orders to have thoughtful consideration 4th: do not enter and leave the market indiscriminately we are investors, and not brokers, more in and out will only lose more 5th: do not have no price in mind investors to have a price in mind, up and down To have a number in mind No. 6: Do not set a stop-loss single, or past the level of stop loss in mind, still have hope, unwilling to leave the field No. 7: Do not put the magnification ratio is too large means that do not save $ 300 to do $ 60,000 speculation high winds and waves, when the waves hit, a boat carrying six people, will be easier to sink than a boat of one person No. 8: Do not do the boring action of locking positions many companies can Lock position, in fact, lock position for the customer only a hundred harm, but no benefit of the same currency and buy and sell, the customer only pay about three percent interest, because foreign exchange trading is a magnification ratio, so it seems three percent, but in fact is the principal of thirty, forty percent so if you do the wrong, should close the position The above 8 elements are forex trading trader to always avoid, I hope the above narrative can play a little in your operation I hope the above description can play a role in your operation