Foreign exchange trading entry and exit strategies

First of all, we must realize that foreign exchange forex trad forextradingbrokerwebsiteg site a science, is the concentration of socio-economic contradictions, like the status of theater in literature Although many foreign exchange experts are playing the world with K-line charts, but a study of technical graphics, is tantamount to fishing for the moon at the bottom of the sea, some suspicion of laziness, cashback forex which work in the world can be accomplished by laziness it! Therefore, the fundamentals are the foundation, technical analysis is the skill, and the order can not be reversed foreign exchange difficult, difficult in it involves a wide range of factors, so you need to constantly learn, constantly thinking, constantly summed up   Of course, if a trader can accurately grasp the time to enter and leave the forextradingwebsiteonline, investment is not a breeze? In fact, the worlds most successful investors can not do this what they can do is to grasp the market trend, before the market reversal, take profits out   Suggest that investors should follow the trend, never risk to grab the top or grab the bottom pay close attention to the support and resistance levels, so that profitable positions to expand the war as much as possible, the loss of positions to stop in time     nbsp; First of all, before trading, you should develop a complete set of trading plans, including the expected entry price and profit target of course, when the market is trading hot, you can adjust the predetermined plan but remember, every trade must be well thought out before the development of a full set of trading plans, and the mind to more than a few if, when the what if situation occurs you should know how to respond    In most cases, the entry and exit points should be selected in the price trend of the support and resistance to the euro, for example, if the current market investors believe that the price is close to the bottom, but you can not because of the assumption that it is close to the bottom to blindly do more, but need to verify the market momentum is best to wait for the market to break through the resistance level, and start a new round of upward market before placing orders; next, in the market close to the support level The next, set a stop-loss level below the price support level so that if the market is blocked, turn down, you will be able to stop in time to get out, the loss part is also very limited   Another way to enter the market is that in the beginning of the market trend, rising market retracement or down market correction, are good opportunities to enter the market market market will not just rise or fall key to determine whether it is an indicator of The key is to determine whether it is an indicator correction or a turnaround in the market   When a loss occurs in the position in hand, when to get out, there is also a simple and easy way: strictly set a stop loss price If you do is long, you should set a sell stop; if you do is short, you have to set a buy stop so that you can do after the order, you can do in mind no matter what kind of changes in the market, your potential The amount of loss is fixed remember, do any single to set a stop loss! This way you will not be confused about when to leave the market during the trading process   When the position in hand is profitable, and more profitable, and what to do? This time, the best way is to use a progressive loss reduction plate approach to expand the results of the war For example, after you establish a long position, the market runs to your expected level of profit, but you think the market still has some profit space, do not want to get out, this time you can set a stop loss at a certain price, lock your profits once the market down, you can take profits out of the game   As different times market The situation is different, the trader can afford to lose and is different from person to person, it is difficult to say exactly the choice of entry and exit price, but, in general, the entry price below the closer support position to set a sell stop, the short is set near the corresponding resistance level stop loss