Forex Margin Trading How to Prevent Forex Scams 7-Avoiding Forex Scams FAQ

What have we learned? Scams forextradingwebsiteonline real! Yes! The bad guys who live by scams are real however, unfortunately for them, youre smart! You know that the only way to succeed in currency trading is to learn from the ground up forextradingbrokerwebsite gain trading experience! Repeat the following 3 times out loud: forex trading site will cashback forex trust risk-free intelligent systems! I will not give in to the promise of returns! And finally, I will not be too lazy to let others trade for me! Q: How can I protect myself from scams? A: Simply get educated and be smart enough to know what scams look like. The good unbelievable is often not true. Use our Broker Handbook for reference Q: Is the Forex manager credible? A: If the Forex manager is yourself, sure! If not, I highly doubt it but if you insist on avoiding the easy ones, do a background check to make sure that person has the proper credentials and licenses Q: Can Forex Smart Systems make a profit? A: Has the moon ever turned blue? Forex smart systems are not profitable because they are pre-programmed with technical indicators and cannot adjust to changing market conditions Q: If I find a fraud that can be committed, who do I call? A: Different regions have different regulators U.S.: CFTC: < RedressReparations/index.htm> NFA: <> UK: ActionFraud: <http://www.>Australia: Scamwatch:<http://>Q: Where can I catch the goblins? A: Find unicorns where you find unicorns, there are goblins so remember, forex scams are real be careful, hold on to your hard earned money good news is there are law abiding forex Make sure you investigate a company thoroughly, and if you want to work with them ask other forex traders on the forum if they have encountered a similar situation there is a lot of information online, so do your homework, use your brain and you will be fine!