How to speculate in foreign exchange for newcomers is more insurance

novice to do foreign exchange must be less deposit, because the newcomer to foreign exchange does not underst forex trad forextradingwebsiteonlineg site, just hear foreign exchange can make big money and blindly join the early best through practice simulation account later in the small capital operation, because foreign exchange requires technical analys cashback forex and not according to their own blind judgment on the line, and foreign exchange floating with uncertainty and floating large, the newcomer to invest too much money will be lost 1, each time you enter the forextradingbrokerwebsite Buy or sell, the loss should not exceed one tenth of the principal I believe that many people will think that the stop-loss level for the loss of one tenth, should be stopped and in fact, should be in different conditions, the stop-loss level under the specific operation for example, is involved in short-term trading, medium-term trading, or long-term trading, then there should be a different definition of 2, always set the stop-loss level set the stop-loss level, can effectively control investment risk can make foreign exchange Investors in the wrong, but also to maintain capital can again buy and sell operations 3, never over buy and sell is not because of buying and selling and buying and selling, in the relevant expert research and observation of the foreign exchange market investor psychology, found that there is a phenomenon: many people will want to buy and sell and go to buy and sell, and their first thought is not "why should I buy and sell? " , "I can get profit in this sale?" 4, do not let the position to turn profit into loss this is easy to say, it is not easy to do in the face of attractive profits, many people still want to get more, never satisfied, to the end of the market top, the price fell step by step, but also hold the "this is just an adjustment" mentality, that "the market will be a new high "Unfortunately, things go against the people, in the end, the profits are not, but also caused losses 5, not against the market for not against the market, this should take into account the operating cycle, to be applied is to distinguish between the long, medium and short cycle of the market trend, combined with their own operating cycle is long, medium or short For example, if the market is down in the short term, and their own operating cycle is also Short-term behavior, then, do not do long term 6, there is doubt, that is, close the position and leave the market if the operation of their own and the original view of doubt, then this mentality will seriously affect the foreign exchange investors operating decisions, so continue, can only cause investment mistakes 7, only in the active market trading only active market, in order to have the opportunity to obtain rich profits, but also can cause loss of capital but only an active market, the money in and out only very easy