How to speculate in foreign exchange Some tips on how to speculate in forex

What forex trading site forex? How to play Forex? Can I make money by speculating in cashback forex forextradingbrokerwebsite? Recently, many investors have asked me how to play foreign exchange. The word foreign exchange is not unfamiliar to many investors, foreign exchange is the exchange of currency between countries to generate revenue investment method but because we do not know enough about foreign exchange, operating skills mistakes forextradingwebsiteonline often suffer losses then this foreign exchange in the end how to play it, you need to master what speculative foreign exchange skills? The following small to explain to you  When speculating in foreign exchange people tend to look for some complex methods, that the more difficult, the more authoritative and challenging, and for the simple small methods and techniques, often disdain shall not know, the more complex but the more likely to go wrong and the foreign exchange market to make big money people, it is this follow the simple laws of the small part of the people simple practical tips what?   Technique one: earn some on the line  You are not talking about earning big money? How to earn a little on it! Dont be anxious, slowly look down to speculate in foreign exchange has the knack to seize the most important high and low foreign exchange market is also said to be short and fast, each time the winnings 1-2%, calculated monthly, how much is a year? Earn more or less do not be greedy, the usual treatment to be objective  skill two: can hide on the dodge  the currency market sometimes sunny skies, sometimes rainy days of the currency market is generally the first week of the month Wednesday to Friday, when Europe and the United States announced important economic data, the market is in a period of receiving information on the variability of this time do not blindly enter the market, otherwise The loss of a wife and a soldier, have no place to cry to  Skill three: enjoy the time  trading is not only strategy, time can win everything time can make people tired, can make people irrational but time can also let people relax, let people enjoy the weekend must let themselves completely relaxed, fully recover your trading will not make low-level mistakes because of physical condition   Skill four: accept the facts  100% of people are to make money and speculate in foreign exchange, but only less than 1% of people can always make money through speculation You must first accept this fact, and then with the right mindset to face the dangerous game you are now playing  Skill five: learn to build positions   nbsp;build a position well, who will, but build a good position is not easy 1, a good grasp of the big trend, the big trend to turn the iconic price is your stop-loss reference point, and the point and the current price difference, is not related 2, short term trend to grasp, short term pullback, is the opportunity to build a position again, rather than the timing of the backhand operation  skills six: see through the trend   nbsp; too deep down is not a reason to do more, up too high is not and put short the precursor of the trend is the master of everything if sometimes because 10 dollars can not resist closing, but the loss to 200 are not surrendered when, it is because you are boldly pursuing losses, rather than profits believe that they can see through the trend  skill seven: less do single   Do too many single, even if you catch the trend, but also did not gain much profit a look at a single earned, feel immediately to reverse, so immediately do a hand in the opposite direction this is the fear of profit, back and forth toss, and ultimately failed to lock profits  Skill eight: control emotions  Traders must be calm and control their emotions, for The market sudden changes, must calmly respond, otherwise will be due to indecision and missed opportunities to enter the market before the best to be prepared to deal with a variety of possibilities, so that in the event of sudden changes in the market is not too unexpected and overwhelmed  Technique 9: Start with small transactions  For traders who are new to the foreign exchange market, you must start with a small size of Trading to start with, and choose the price fluctuations more stable varieties of intervention, gradually grasp the laws of trading and accumulate experience, before increasing the size of the transaction, and choose the price fluctuations dramatic varieties  Tips 10: Avoid the rush  Forex trading should not bring the desire to rush traders in foreign exchange trading should not enter the market according to their own subjective wishes, successful Foreign exchange traders will generally be their own emotions and trading activities strictly separate, so as to avoid the market trend and personal wishes opposite to bear the heavier risk  Tips Eleven: learn to watch, a short break  Every day foreign exchange trading not only increases the probability of investment error, and may be too close to the market, trading too often and lead to increased transaction costs, watch and rest will make traders more calm analysis to judge the direction of the development of the foreign exchange market trend in traders on the market trend judgment lack of sufficient confidence, should also sit on the wall, know patience and self-control, in order to wait for the time to re-enter the market as the saying goes: do more wrong more rather than miss, not do wrong opportunity is always there, to grasp the opportunity is the need for a pair of shining eyes rather than quietly waiting for a certain empty moment & nbsp nbsp; Skill twelve: set a strict and reasonable stop loss  In trading foreign exchange before the trader must set a strict stop loss to control the possible losses within a tolerable range, the stop loss range is set too wide will lead to heavy losses, stop loss range is too narrow will lead to hold a position by a smaller loss easily oscillate out of the game, thus losing the opportunity to profit  nbsp; Skill thirteen: no skill  The biggest skill of speculation in foreign exchange is no skill, read the newspaper every day to see the data, read the financial, through the long-term accumulation of knowledge, in order to have a unique operating acumen of the foreign exchange market, intuition from the accumulation of these tiny experience, these tiny experience is the biggest skill of success  If you are to play the If you are in the mindset to speculate in foreign exchange, then even foreign exchange is not like stocks, the internal large capital can affect the single stock trend, but the foreign exchange is not said which country or consortium control advantage  Foreign exchange trading is the rise and fall of a countrys currency Can affect the rise and fall of the currency will have many factors such as the countrys economic development, geopolitics, economic development, etc., for these information A detailed understanding of the mastery, to be able to the currency of the investment will be of great help in addition to recommend that newcomers choose a single or 2 varieties of currency to study too much will take a lot of time, easy to distract  Speaking of so much, now you know how to play foreign exchange? If you can learn these these speculative foreign exchange skills, then you can be great! After all, the opportunity is limited, seized is gold, missed is running water in the market, every moment someone is rejoicing, someone is worried about the sky will never fall pie, do not pay a painful price because of greedy momentary profits If you find that you are wrong, you must learn to stop, think about their options, fix it and start again!