How to trade in the foreign exchange finishing pattern

foreign exchange f forextradingbrokerwebsite forex trading sitehing pattern is a relatively common change in the cashback forex movement of foreign exchange margin pattern, so in this case, how to conduct foreign exchange trading? The so-called collation pattern, in laymans terms, is, relative to the unilateral market, with the long forextradingwebsiteonline short sides confrontation state disintegration, one side of the fierce attack, one side fled, and when the winning side chase fierce to a certain extent, must replenish ammunition will enter the rest form this trim state is the collation state this time, the long and short sides will not be a party always accounted for above, the market must take a certain amount of time to stabilize a price range, and then In the process of price changes in the formation of this transition pattern, that is, the finishing pattern Today we are going to learn together is the rectangular finishing rectangular finishing is relatively simple and clear As the name implies, the rectangle is the price of the ups and downs between the two horizontal boundaries constituted by the technical pattern when the price rises to a certain horizontal position when it encounters resistance, can not break through to continue to rise, it will turn back down but when the price falls back To a certain level of the low point and support, the price began to rise back up but when the price returned to the same price level last time blocked again, and setback to the last low point is again supported this oscillation will continue for a period of time, these short-term highs and lows are connected to a straight line will form a parallel development of the channel - rectangle, which is the formation of rectangular collation pattern process   Rectangle is the foreign exchange margin exchange rate by a series of changes in the two levels between the upper and lower boundaries of the pattern of the exchange rate in its range of price rise and fall to a certain level of resistance, turn back down, but soon to get support and rise, but back up to the same high point last time again blocked, and setback to the last low point is then supported these short-term highs and lows are connected in a straight line, it is The forex margin channel is neither upward sloping. This is the rectangle pattern rectangle indicates a kind of strength of the tug-of-war bullish on the future of the market to buy the low point, the formation of prices can not fall support, while another part of the short side that the price can not cross the upper resistance position, have chosen to short and the general direction, the market is in the wait-and-see, and no clear up or down signal rectangle pattern is one of the short term Investors most like to see one of the pattern, can be low suction high throw its buying and selling principle is: when the price falls to the bottom of the box will meet the support of the bottom of the box, as a buying opportunity; rebound to the top of the box will meet the pressure of the top of the box, as a selling opportunity effective breakthrough box top more win, homeopathic do more, and vice versa when the price effectively fell below the bottom of the box short win, then homeopathic do short many people are preaching a breakthrough of the upper rail to buy, breakthrough of the lower rail to sell, but we Must look, breakthrough on the rail is a real breakthrough or a false breakthrough, a real breakthrough requires the price must quickly move away from the horizontal line, at this time we should take back to trade, stop loss in the horizontal line to this point we should pay special attention in the actual operation like the euro against the dollar, since the beginning of 2015 has been extended to the beginning of 2017 in two years, the market has been continued on the weekly level is the oscillation finishing The trend is a standard rectangular collation in this form, we can do short in the highs, do more in the lows, the range of about 700 points 10,000 U.S. dollars, each time to do on 1 hand, two years also have three or four times the return if the rectangular collation used in trading, is very easy to get a good return on the operation of the trading process trends may appear in a variety of forms, which is normal. The key is that we need to make the most reasonable trading measures for different quotes We can not attempt to make the market to adapt to us, only to let ourselves try to adapt to the development of the market