Look at the K-line chart analysis of foreign exchange transactions

Many friends who are ready to speculate in foreign exchange just started to contact foreign exchange, often do not know how to start to underst forextradingwebsiteon cashback forex and analyze the trend of the currency market look at the forex trading site of experts and traders, often remember the results, but do not know how the analysis in the currency market, in addition to the fundamental analysis, technical analysis is also very important Technical analysis and basic analysis is to predict the exchange rate of the two basic methods Technical analysis is the use of historical data to forecast the market, observe the behavior and characteristics of the market, through the historical trajectory of the exchange rate to predict future exchange rate movements and the timing of buying and selling technical analysis is divided into two parts: graphical analysis and trend analysis graphical analysis through the analysis of historical forextradingbrokerwebsite and volume information, trying to find the future may repeat the price pattern; trend analysis based on historical price and volume information for mathematical analysis, trying to explain the hidden price level under the Attempts to explain the underlying trend hidden under the price level Technical analysis of the three prerequisites: 1, the price level reflects everything 2, price changes have a pattern 3, history will repeat Technical analysis of the foreign exchange market is what we now often see a variety of technical analysis indicators, such as the average price line system, stochastic indicators, K-line indicators, RSI and other indicators of real-time reception of the exchange rate chart At present, in the foreign exchange market graphical Analysis is mainly used in the curve, the U.S. line as well as the K-line chart in these analysis methods, K-line chart is probably the most familiar, because many of our friends have speculated in the foreign exchange market, K-line analysis is also very important technical analysis indicators, it is relatively easy to understand in this newspaper published most of the foreign exchange market charts are K-line chart The so-called K-line chart, is the daily (weekly, monthly) opening price, the The K-line, also known as the yin and yang line, bar line, red and black line or candle line, originated in Japans rice market trading and has become an important method of technical analysis In practice, many investors also like to use the U.S. line (BARCHART), the construction of the U.S. line is simpler than the K-line chart, mainly the European and American way of drawing The straight line of the U.S. line represents the fluctuation between the highest and lowest price of the day (or week). The horizontal line on the left represents the opening price, and the horizontal line on the right represents the closing price.