Retailers pathological psychology

The stock market forex trading site the place to destroy the smart people so do not forget to self-criticism of friends do sinks sometimes go to learn "new technical magic", either brain overload, or get carried away, the result is the loss of judgment of the general principle of vanity type in friends talking about stocks, will talk about their own performance, how to make money exponentially, how to escape the top, how to leave the field .... When people ask them for advice on how to do forextradingbrokerwebsite, they say, "I was going by my feelings" cashback forex get praise from the listener. This forextradingwebsiteonline is caused by self-esteem, there is no cure for the self-respecting type is extremely allergic to the volatility of the stock price, and always look like a nervous breakdown, especially to the Market rumors, every time to make a timely response, stimulated by a variety of information to change hands frequently, easy to lose the more afraid, the more afraid of the more sensitive this disease caused by calculating, too much attention to small gains and losses, coupled with a neurotic personality, there is no cure for this disease, sent out of the stock market, sent to a sanatorium, otherwise it can lead to schizophrenia, or even death overly obsessive type of obsessive pursuit of their own identified stocks or stock manipulation methods do not see the coffin do not shed tears This disease is caused by stubbornness and aggressive character, 2-3 times in a row by the market to prove their mistakes, losing 40%-60% of their capital as medicine, slowly cured nerd type dogmatic implementation of various technical analysis techniques, painstaking research of various theories, think that "everything is inferior, only high reading", with the nobility and arrogance of readers, will never bend for the five buckets of rice in practice The more you lose, the more you bury your head in studying technical theory This disease is caused by good learning, such as enlightenment, can be self-healing excitement type good impulse, when an event occurs, such as a change in a technical indicator of the stock or a rumor signs obviously clear, all kill or all kill even because of betting with people can also lead to impulsive behavior This disease is caused by the blood type plus young there is no cure with its full of vicissitudes, the disease can be alleviated the more you lose the more gambling type downward amortization costs, the more you lose the more you bet. Occasionally a small gain, more and more convinced that "rich and dangerous to seek" is not aware that this method is a quick way to lose money after being set, gambling heart gradually, and finally gambling, unmanageable this disease gambling nature caused by the irremediable depending on the depth of gambling and at the mercy of God is appropriate to spend a lot of flowers and grass type all kinds of stocks to dip a dip, the beautiful name is "portfolio" all kinds of methods to try new and old, frequently change the pattern of this disease first entered the stock market people This disease is easy to catch, due to curiosity, no medication, after a period of time will be self-healing synthesis of the above symptoms at the same time, different degrees at different times, showing one or several symptoms heavy, this is a combination of 99% of the stock market retail investors suffer from this disease, no one is perfect, this disease will be dyed, this is the incurable disease of retail investors, but also the root cause of the dealer often win this disease shall be extremely long time, by the maturity of the stock market And decide the symptoms of the gradual reduction