Share my many years of trading experience how the correct stop-loss stop-loss

may not be a reasonable trad cashback forexg method for many investors I combine years of experience to briefly introduce you to the correct method of placing orders can be summarized as 2 kinds: a: to forextradingbrokerwebsite the forex trading site breakthrough two: to do the market forecast the first single method to do the market breakthrough means that the market breakthrough after the corresponding forextradingwebsiteonline to follow up more single or wait for the market breakthrough after the corresponding support Follow the short single as to how to analyze the support and pressure everyone has everyones method, the key is to be effective here is not to explore I want to make a special point is that for people to do breakthrough market must pay attention to the effectiveness of the market breakthrough, can not be too hasty, can not be fooled by the false breakthrough must wait for the corresponding K-line closing to determine the market stood firm (closing line above the pressure or under the support) to place a single otherwise it will The emergence of high chasing high and low chasing the lowest situation often will be deep set to do transactions must have patience, do not think that each "opportunity" to catch, some opportunities are often traps to pay attention to identify the advantages of doing breakthrough quotes: the chances of success is large disadvantage is: before the market breakthrough has gone a period of the market, do breakthrough quotes The second method of placing orders is to do the market prejudgment, meaning that the market has not yet reached or just reached the corresponding support/pressure, we make a subjective judgment by our own experience and technical analysis that the turning point of the market in the support or pressure in advance to bury the single or direct order to do the market prejudgment The advantages: If the market is captured well, just in the market turning point layout then profits will be maximized disadvantages: the success rate is low, in order to have a high success rate requires long-term experience and strong technical analysis capabilities regardless of which method you use or a combination of 2 methods need to pay attention to with a good stop loss stop gain stop loss stop gain must be reasonable, can not be set indiscriminately stop loss stop gain setting methods are 2 kinds: a. Stop loss methods include: 1 Stop loss: this stop-loss method is suitable for people who like to take heavy positions, the heavier the position can bear the risk of the smaller many times can not be in accordance with the technical analysis of the method to stop loss, in order to control the risk, according to the proportion of losses they can afford to set the stop-loss point 2. range stop loss: this stop-loss method is suitable for people with reasonable position management (my preference for position control in one fourth or less) we can Find out the market support 1 support 2 or even support 3 (or the market pressure 1 pressure 2 pressure 3) assume that our single point in support 1 or pressure 1 then when the market breaks through the support 2 or pressure 2 when we strictly stop loss stop loss experience summary: do trading is to do the success rate, do not beg every single correct and we want to do is to know the wrong on the correct, do not be wrong on the wrong the Stop loss must be strict stop loss do not bring subjective emotions that the subsequent market will develop in the direction of their own imagination as long as the correct rate of 60% or more to maintain long-term profitability II, profit taking methods include: 1. Pressure 2 or even pressure 3 it is unknown so this time we can be in the pressure 1 all out of the field can also be step-by-step: in the pressure 1 out of part of the position, leaving part of the position in the pressure 2 or even pressure 3 out of the single (personal preference in the pressure 1 out of 2/3 single stay 1/3 guard profits so the benefit is that even if the market to the pressure level after the pullback I can still profit) on the contrary short single take profit: in the pressure After the market falls to the support of a short position after the market or part of the field, leaving part of the position to guard profits to support 2 or even 3 positions to take profit experience summary: we do single including 2 steps to place a single and out of a single, not only to choose a reasonable point of entry out of the field is also very critical out of the early profits reduced out of the late profits in hand and will spit out so we must find a set of middle-of-the-road method both not greedy and to ensure that a certain amount of profit although The middle of the road is a derogatory term when used here but very appropriate because if you go to extremes always want to pursue the maximum benefit, often will be a basket of water an empty, or even steal a chicken can not lose rice in general to make money need to do a good job of technical analysis and risk control hope that the above content can be helpful to you