Share my own foreign exchange intraday trading system

to talk about their own trad forextradingbrokerwebsiteg forextradingwebsiteonline, I am engaged in foreign exchange trading for eight years, has been stable profits, found that most of the traders, are trading with the wrong idea, I would like to publ forex trading siteh some of my feelings, to warn the later, so that they take a detour, is also considered a merit, share some of my trading methods, so that the love of trading friends to The truth about trading, in fact, is to ferry people has been my trading system can be divided into three categories of filtering system, that is, filtering some waste lines and oscillations, like a filter to meal to stay fine, all people will make a mistake, that is, the oscillation as a single side, the single side when the oscillation cashback forex, why is this! It is because there is no filtering system market clearly still in the oscillation, some traders are in a hurry to enter the market, the results can be imagined, in the oscillating market, was back and forth stop loss, the results messed up the mentality, and began to let the chaos do, if there is a good filtering system is different, must wait for the market to start, do not be afraid to lose the opportunity, we do not eat the head of the fish, nor the tail, we only eat the body of the fish, someone wants to do more. on buying at the lowest point, short on selling at the highest point, these are extremely abnormal mentality, we must not be afraid of losing the opportunity not to do the starting point, is to let others to show us the way, like driving, must have road signs, only good action waiting for the standard K, that is, the breakthrough interval k line appears, we then make a decision whether to enter, in order to have a greater chance of winning, you have accounted for the probability, than others a few percent more Grasp the second category is to confirm the system Why should there be a confirmation system? It is because this market has a lot of fake quotes, fake breakthroughs, often newcomers will be attracted by these fake quotes, to do a sharp rise in pursuit of more, a sharp fall in pursuit of short action, often lured by the trap set by the market, to make a big mistake if there is a confirmation system, you can avoid this tragedy, when a signal out, we need to reverse the confirmation for example: when you want to do more, you need to confirm the short action In other words, you do more, see if the short answer, if the short response is strong, you have to give up, if the short response is small, you can operate the third category is resonance system such as three resonance quotes long alignment and short alignment, large cycle in the cycle of small cycles, are formed when the long alignment, its energy is very large, respectively, on behalf of the large funds in the funds small funds, they are together with force, when the three forces burst When its energy is very large, so there must be a resonance system, just a good trading system, must have these three categories to be a complete trading system to share some specific manipulation, 15 minutes to see the trend, 3 minutes to determine the direction, a minute into the field above the opening price never do short, never do more than the opening price, so you will account for the probability