Share some words to foreign exchange friends

When many people are asking fried forextradingbrokerwebsite cashback forex to make money, there should be a lot of people in the foreign exchange market has made money, foreign exchange such as the battlefield, if there forex trading site no their own killer, it is difficult to win in the market, the following share some useful words to do foreign exchange 1, you can certainly not underst forextradingwebsiteonline their own physiological structure, you can eat and digest; but you should not learn to swim before you jump into such as ocean waves like the foreign exchange market, you will almost certainly die 2, a really good master is those who lead you into the door, so that you can walk on their own; really good disciples are those who are willing to go their own way, their own help 3, if you are lost in the metropolis, want to get to the destination as soon as possible, you have two choices: (1) take the road of others; (2) get the citys floor plan, the first way to go on their own is undoubtedly is a shortcut, the second choice is sometimes necessary, because you will find others with you are also looking for the road 4, no doubt the trend is an objective fact of existence, but not the law of the trend as a rule is one of our biggest misconceptions 5, the simplest method is often the most effective, but may be you ignore 6, the foreign exchange market in the line of buying and selling is fundamentally to the individuals spiritual life, that is, the psychological conditions, and psychology And biology for the conditions, biology and chemistry and physics for the conditions, involving the foreign exchange market in the buying and selling behavior of factors is extremely complex 7, we do not need to consider in the study of the foreign exchange market than people, time, price, energy smaller yuan their own concept of universality, comprehensive geography should become the most basic elements of the foreign exchange market 8, the foreign exchange market boom, glory, wither, decline, the vividly; grumbling, it does not help let us stand on the shoulders of giants, drawing on the wisdom of their ideas ultimately, go their own way - help yourself! 9, people, people in the foreign exchange market should have three meanings: namely, themselves, opponents, judges foreign exchange market is a battlefield without enemies and friends, when you are bearish, your opponent is bullish 10, price fundamentals with the law of value Explain the price fluctuations; technical school established such as the golden mean, percentage, trend line and so on various models, trying to reveal the laws of price movement prices have absolute, relative points to determine your profit and loss is the relative price a mention of price, you can not avoid the time 11, I say trend, not law, because with the continuation of the trend, the probability of continuing this trend will become smaller and smaller, the trend is not a law and trend whether it is useful are two different things, the reason why people in the currency market pay attention to the trend, because it is very useful, the chances of winning are greater, and the wrong end of the two is certainly the majority of people, I want to do the right minority and the trend will not tell me 12, each technical indicator has its flaws and misconceptions, the technical indicators used in the method is completely correct, the whole difficulty is that the model established can generally only react in isolation to the market Technical indicators are not necessary, but the high level of application is certainly effective 13, you have to do is to have a full basis for buying and selling and successfully convince themselves 14, know what is, also know what is where you must know the principle of the basis for buying and selling, the scope of application and limitations 15, the principle of simplicity here simple refers to Pragmatic simplicity you should make full use of the computer as a tool to express or describe your correct ideas as clearly as possible, after modeling the application form of complexity, will distract your attention, delay or even forget, affecting the decision