Support line pressure line and trend line relationship

in forex trading technical analys forextradingwebsiteonline, the price cashback forex is undoubtedly the core content, but the support forex trading site forextradingbrokerwebsite pressure line judgment is also indispensable   price trend around the support line and pressure line in the turn, in order to more specifically clarify a trend, we can also use the point and line to refine the first said support, the two relative low points into a line, it becomes support line, and the two high points of the line into the pressure line is the pressure line as long as the support line can withstand the pressure, all the problems will be solved the same, the pressure line is also the same, the only difference is that the support line for foreign exchange prices have upward support role, the pressure line is the opposite once the downward breakthrough support line, after this line will become a pressure line, and vice versa upward breakthrough pressure line, this line in the subsequent So they are interdependent, one cannot be without the other Trends are also divided into three categories, long-term, medium-term and short-term trends, the only way to truly understand the meaning of the trend, it is possible to determine when the trend changes and, the only way to accurately determine the change in the trend, and accurately set the timing of buying and selling, in order to improve profits or reduce losses From the Dow Theory, there are The following definition:  uptrend is simply a series of price movements formed by the highs and lows constantly cushioned, each upward trend continues upward, interspersed with downward movements are not down below the lows of the previous wave of decline downtrend downtrend is a series of price movements composed of lows and highs constantly downward each downward trend continues downward through the previous low, interspersed with the rebound trend will not cross the previous wave of highs it is a series of continuous downward trend composition, so the formation of a downtrend The above is the basic point of the definition of the trend of "professional speculation principles", here is very clear that although they are very simple, but has the absolute importance of their existence is to facilitate the majority of friends easier to understand the trend of each market At the same time, we identify support and pressure levels, sometimes it is necessary to make appropriate corrections here are two cases: one is the upper lead or lower lead is very long, which leads to certain price levels may be the wrong price, then the support and pressure of these points to play a discount, you can use the opening price or closing price to replace the second is the low or high point is not just a point, but the formation of A dense area of transactions, then we should be seen more as a support area or pressure area