Talking about execution in forex trading from quitting smoking!

Explain: the first mainly from the smoking cessation, talk about the execution of the problem forextradingwebsiteonline the latter from the common performance in trading, and then talk about the execution, and in-depth talk about the essence of trading Okay, lets start to believe that many of the friends who see th forex trading site article are smokers, also know the dangers of smoking, also know that they should quit smoking So lets learn to quit smoking: how to quit smoking? Now, throw away the cigarette in your hand, and then never smoke again, it is very very simple, learn to quit smoking, even 10 seconds is forextradingbrokerwebsite even needed to do it? Because quitting smoking is painful, but then, quitting smoking should not be painful. Because human nature is: the pursuit of pleasure and escape from pain Dr. Sun Yat-sen said, "The tide of history is vast and turbulent, those who follow it will prosper, those who go against it will die. So how should we change? For example, if you let your smoking body produce the pain of lost love, and if you quit smoking, you will produce the joy of passionate love, then the problem of quitting smoking will not exist, because everyone can easily quit smoking, and this problem will not be a problem. Some people like to pursue pleasure, and some peoples pain will bring him pleasure so do not have a one-sided understanding of what I mean by pain and pleasure Some people can change through willpower, that is, his willpower to produce a role, that is, to reduce the pain of quitting smoking, and pleasure to enhance this pleasure, as said above, the definition is different can be a sense of spiritual satisfaction Some people have stronger willpower, in fact, he is the level of the struggle of willpower, rather than hovering between quitting and smoking. In other words, the pleasure and the pain are transferred to another level. Let me give you an example. However, it is only from the point of view of avoiding pain, and only from the point of view of avoiding pain, his quitting smoking is very painful, but avoiding pain, but also the pursuit of pleasure, that is, quitting smoking should be happy (the power of avoiding pain is greater than the pursuit of pleasure, but at the same time avoiding pain is passive, while the pursuit of pleasure is There are often cases where a sudden thing touches you and you naturally throw down the cigarette, just like a sudden change, a moment, naturally quit smoking, just like a matter of course, can change, necessarily in a moment in the heart of the pleasure and pain reversed, also known as epiphany (refers to change alone) many things we do not think about it, does not mean that Subconscious is not thinking, for example, like a computer running in the background, it is natural and unconscious operation (note that it is unconscious operation, not our usual thinking when deliberately thinking), with time, experience, knowledge, understanding, thinking and scenario change and accumulation, at a certain moment, you will suddenly understand that this is the so-called epiphany (of course, the epiphany and time Of course, this is not very relevant to the subject of the moment of epiphany, inevitably, in the state of mind, changing their own definition of pleasure and pain, touching the scales of pleasure-pain, resulting in a reversal. The moment of epiphany is bound to change ones definition of pleasure and pain, touching the pleasure-pain scale, creating a reversal, a logical change, quoting Xu Weis lyrics: "The transformation is so simple. Ill start with an example: I often hear newcomers complain that they get caught when they enter the cashback forex, and thats an abnormal phenomenon. That is, once you enter the market, the market in accordance with what you expected, you predicted the direction to go, such a situation, only normal "a field on the set, there are only two situations, one is the trend to see the right, but the entry point is not good, a rebound was shocked out and then is the trend is wrong judgment but whether the trend is judged correctly or not, the entry point is not good and the entry point is not good, often no Their own set of trading plans, simply do not know what they are doing, the most common performance in the transaction is to chase a single many people are often like this: see the market go (to the multi-trend, for example), an impulse to go in, often set in (upward trend of) the top and then after the single regret, see the market continue to go, you want to first do not come out of it, and then rise up out, see the decline, regret, fantasy Slightly back to some and then out, and then down again, heart that regret ah, "I just came out on the good" this time back to the original position, must be sure to come out and then the market fell, non-farm data began, non-US up mood, think their fluke is right then, go out to continue to see the semi-finals of the network after twenty minutes, back A look, this single has been a loss of 150 points then heart a shock, want to immediately close the position at this time found that profits have been retracted quite a lot, the heart has a reluctance to go up 10 points and then close it continue to fall back to the previous want to flat position, I must flat heart hesitant, the mouse gripped in the hand, is not point down with the last mistake when the psychological activity exactly the same market continues to fall pain, helplessness, disappointment, finally lost control of the The computer loudly said foul language, and then just shut down the computer angry to go outside to continue to watch the game here is from the firewire forum someones own review of a post, I quote here believe that many friends have similar experiences: so caught by the market slowly bleeding, tormenting your nerves, physical and mental exhaustion, the loss of a lot of money so the foreign exchange market has such a saying: "The market will try to do everything possible to bleed, tormenting your nerves, so the loss of capital. "The market will try everything to get involved in the people crazy" from the above performance, revealing many problems first of all is not their own set of trading plans, entry and entry after the processing of the problem, do not know what they are doing, bad mentality, not able to strictly stop loss and cut position trend judgment problems, the problem of precise entry The most fundamental thing is that you dont know what youre doing and you must change! How to change it? The first thing to know what is right then is to do the right, constantly repeat the right thing, with the right behavior pattern, to replace the wrong behavior pattern (or to correct the wrong behavior pattern, a meaning) is very simple, but most people just can not do here or the problem of execution Hao Ri v knife teacher said a sentence "we spend a huge amount of time and money, in fact, learned six words "implementation" and "how to implement" "The same reason, 500 years ago, Mr. Yangming also said "knowledge, unity of action "So why do you know but cant do it? Why is it so difficult to implement? Know but can not do, is not deep enough understanding, not thorough enough just know, not understanding, or understanding one-sided, not completely and thoroughly understand the deeper understanding, the more you can do the real understanding, it is logical to do so Why can not understand it? It is: some experience, experience, knowledge and thinking is not enough, and not enough to trigger, trigger some thinking, understanding, understanding and change of mind (while touching the heart of the pleasure-pain scales, produce logical implementation), of course, this process is also related to enlightenment so that "trading is very need time to precipitate" "from quantitative to qualitative change", in fact, this is also the meaning and some of the ideological errors of understanding, and human nature, personal character defects, is also the cause of the implementation and comprehension of such a difficult reason I give an example: many people enter the market with naive illusions: say I am to buy a car for my wife, or to make money for her I have a friend who entered the market with the intention of making a car. -I still remember when he told me that he was very sorry for his wife, that she did not have a good life after she married him, and that after he had a car, he could send his wife to work, so that she would not have to squeeze the bus in the winter cold ...... I was very touched at the time but six months later the situation is this: he quit his job, full-time home to speculate in foreign exchange, burst two times, losing $ 5,000 every day very late to bed, eating is not very regular, the body is very poor because often in a relatively heavy position, the number of stop losses and floating losses are very large (always hold when you earn, the specific situation as I said the second point), so the mood is always not very good before the night of When he will accompany his wife to look at the TV or two people out for a walk, now is to let their loved ones alone to watch TV alone to sleep, and their own stare at the K-line weekend, if the week has earned, then okay, if lost, then not to mention happy to go out to play, basically do what can not lift the spirit, and other friends to communicate less and less, more and more autistic ...... his wife cried to me, preferring to ride the bus for the rest of her life rather than him to speculate in foreign exchange again his intention is to make her happy and happy, the end result is in exchange for her tears I have seen similar situations, for example, I once saw a post in a forum, said his wife in order to give how how, very moving reasons and Enter the market, and then justifiably ask the experts to give their own guidance, justifiably think that the market should make their own money such an idea is not right, you motivation is good, do not pay efforts, do not change themselves, then it is impossible to make money or even survive in the market you can not do, how to make money? Since you went into the market for your wife, to learn and trade hard, then why not change yourself for your wife? What about changing the weaknesses in your character? When you fail, you just complain, or lose your mind crazy that the market cheated you, you should make money, can not earn it? Self-loathing, or just venting this is pathological, abnormal, but also a manifestation of vulnerability so the market has a saying called "not by the market wildly flattened three years still not dead, how dare to come out of the mix?" Still the same: the market never cared how you think in this market, only right or wrong, only win or lose, no good or evil you must accept this fact, and then change yourself we know, "the nature of trading, is to make mistakes" "the market often use our shortcomings, to push us forward ""Willing people are led by the market, unwilling people are dragged by the market, no matter what, you have to move forward" whether to do it or not, you must do! Otherwise, in this market, you will only die (early death or slow death) this market is so cruel market, there is no good or evil, only right or wrong, only win or lose note my following sentence: but only so that we can say "from the beginning of contact with the industry every moment I am achieving their own breakthroughs and leaps "Finally:" a successful trader, no pride, no vanity, no position and sometimes even the ego is not needed is what, that is what; how to do, thats how to do "Another: no quotation marks inside the words, but also quotes are mainly some of the words of the master, or some market quotes. Or some market quotes and so on, or other, of course, some are to highlight the focus, or to indicate that this is what someone said, and add the quotation marks here to explain the problem of execution, not only in the transaction, in life as well