The gold knowledge points that newcomers to speculation in foreign exchange

Speculation forextradingbrokerwebsite the real world, as with other industrial investments, there is always a distance between the knowledge and the line, and even the reverse This is mainly due to the randomness of the operation and blind illusions caused by, and this is the natural enemy of the forextradingwebsiteonline win To overcome this natural enemy of the method has two points: one is always to maintain a calm and rational analytical mind two is to do a good job in each stage of the market in a well-thought-out operational plan Speculation in gold how to make money The expert free guidance bank gold and silver TD opening guide bank gold and silver simulation forex trading site software set gold number desktop line price tool It is understood that there are two channels for individual speculation in cashback forex exchange: live trading and margin trading of which, margin trading is the international foreign exchange market common trading method, but at present, the domestic has not opened this trading method, the national speculation in foreign exchange generally only live trading Foreign exchange live trading is the customer Entrust the bank, in accordance with the banks personal foreign exchange trading business announced the price of foreign exchange accounts or cash between the foreign currency exchange This is the only way to carry out personal speculation in foreign exchange in China According to reports, in the live trading, the average annual return of new entrants to the market in the past two years in about 5%, the operation of more skilled foreign exchange, a year can make a profit of 10% or even 20% Foreign exchange margin trading is investors to banks or brokers Provide financing for foreign exchange trading it is the international foreign exchange market common trading method, but at present China has not opened this way of speculation due to the amount of existing funds can be enlarged by 20 times or more, therefore, the investors earnings are also enlarged by more than 20 times, do a good job of the investors annual earnings can reach 3-5 times the principal, of course, the transaction risk also rises investors have a foreign bank account or through the domestic The foreign exchange investment advisory company, you can also choose this way to speculate on foreign exchange mainly in the following areas: 1. spread: for the exchange rate is unified globally, so the level of spread directly determines the amount of transaction costs different banks charge different spreads in Beijing and Shanghai and other places in the real trading, banks generally charge 20-30 spreads in margin trading, foreign banks charge spreads of 2. financing: foreign exchange margin trading can be bank or brokerage trust to provide financing, the existing amount of funds to enlarge more than 20 times for trading (generally speaking, its financing ratio between 20-400 times) 3. shorting: that is, the use of sustained downturn in the bear market to make money margin trading can be short, so the exchange of people can operate in both directions, both when the currency rises to buy profits (commonly known as long), can also be sold when the currency falls. Can also be sold for profit when the currency falls (commonly known as short) but foreign exchange trading can not do short