The impact of foreign exchange recognition price on supply and demand

Foreign exchange trading in the forextradingbrokerwebsite will have many factors affecting the trend, psychological factors are no exception, including the recognition of forextradingwebsiteonline on the transaction of cashback forex forex trading site demand has an impact on the previous economic system of supply and demand determine the price, the price of supply and demand has a certain counter-action seems to have become the truth but in the market due to its special nature, the structure of operation should not be general commodity The so-called price reaction to supply and demand in the economics system should be upgraded to a degree of price determination of supply and demand in the market, because if a market is mixed with more speculative elements, then the market will not be a market solely by supply and demand to determine the price of the market for the time being. Once the price reaches a critical point, people will consider various factors and then make a buying and selling decision based on their own judgment or on the advice of analysts This is the basic rule of price and supply and demand, but we know that the forex market is special, the supply and demand situation of commodities in this market is naturally different Lets see where the specific differences are reflected If more investors tend to short a certain If more investors tend to short a commodity, then the price of this commodity will continue to decline, and the price decline itself will also stimulate more participants to short, from disappointing selling to panic selling, the price plummeted, thus forming an uninterrupted self-trampling type of decline from the forex market participants simply based on the price to make a short decision, can reflect the price in the impact of supply and demand if more people put aside all other If more people leave aside all other factors and follow the general direction of the market and go short blindly and frantically, then the price will determine the supply and demand to some extent, because then, some small retail investors follow the market also has a further driving effect, prompting more market participants to make buying and selling decisions based solely on the price, thus determining the supply and demand (because then it is more irrational human factors that affect the price) most participants participate in the market because the price keeps falling, only to make the decision to sell, and there is not much correlation with other factors In addition, in foreign exchange trading to do technical analysis of investors, is based on a kind of historical price speculation of future prices market simply in accordance with this analysis to buy and sell people, a large number of people in accordance with the historical price operation, which is also a kind of price determines the performance of supply and demand, otherwise the market will not The appearance of a very regular double top (bottom) type, head and shoulders (bottom) type, up (down) triangle participants operate with reference to historical prices feel intimidated or as a motivation and reason to place orders, and in each graph of the key points on the wait and see, or operate against the market, and so on, all of which can well illustrate the price has somehow decided to buy and sell, decided the supply and demand So, in the foreign exchange market price Indeed, in the foreign exchange market, the price has to some extent determined the supply and demand relationship forex trading factors are many, is the combined effect of these factors affect the final price direction and the formation of the trend for investors is important is how to make a reasonable analysis based on these trends and make a relatively high safety factor trading plan trading the final results are accumulated by a number of small transactions, so investors both Investors should not be overly attached to each success or failure nor should they take any one trade lightly