The story of Cyril Barr a painful thought

The follow forextradingbrokerwebsiteg is a transcript of the conversation between the author forex trading site Cyril Barr: forextradingwebsiteonline What are the plans for the failure of speculative options?  A: At cashback forex time, the city of 1979 was in a depressed mood, it felt like self-destructive first thought was to change careers Q: really put into action?  A: Yes, I had already found a job as a restaurant manager, but fortunately, I finally stopped and asked my new employer to give me a month to consider Q: No worries for the time being, is the mood more relaxed?  A: Of course, in fact, there is still $15,000 in the account, there is a chance to start again Q: continue to fight A: the edge of a career change I returned to the speculative market, to re-test their skills Q: to give you the responsibility of the speculators do you know the process of the fiasco? Have you ever complained?  A: good question the old man and I talk on the phone every night, naturally know that the account net value fell greatly, every night the call is the most unbearable moment for me Q: the old man cursed?  A: No, but every night moaning in pain, unbearable, the fact that the brothers family million, lost the dollar is just a drop in the bucket, in the exchange to buy a membership card is also intended to kill time Q: can set the final limit to leave the field?  A: Yes, the old man said that if we lose another $5,000 we must stop fighting Q: How to cope?  A: Gradually close out the existing contracts Cilibar speculative options fiasco, a painful lesson learned from the market experienced brokers, summed up the lessons learned from all aspects of the following conclusions: First, must comply with discipline Second, must do their homework Third, do not be greedy, reduce the daily target, earn $ 300, a year accumulated can get $ 75,000 profit The above guidelines, like a bright light in the dark, in a low-risk Prior to this, Cyril Barr mainly traded stock options with a large upside and downside, and to ensure the continuation of his speculative career, Cyril Barr switched to Boeing aircraft. The daily profit target was $300, and he stopped when he reached his goal, not daring to be overly greedy and successfully controlling the risk of speculation. The importance of discipline, Cyril said to the newer traders he consulted, was that success in trading required hard training, hard work, no drama, and adherence to principles, free from outside influence.