The story of Cyril Barr full of losses and modest benefits

forextradingbrokerwebsite What cashback forex the main misconception of the speculative public about the forex trading site?  A: The general concept of investment, the misconception that the bull market can be profitable, in fact, as long as the correct buying forextradingwebsiteonline selling strategy, flexible use, in any market trend should be profitable Q: Hong Kong stock market short selling is illegal, how can I profit in the bear market?  A: The futures market allows short selling, futures contracts in other markets, options trading can be a show of strength and even the foreign exchange market can be short selling, the problem lies in recognizing the trend of the market trend to make the right judgment to deploy appropriate buying and selling plans Q: In other words, the investment public psychological preferences conducive to the development of correct buying and selling strategies A: Yes, the Americans often say, the market price must go up Q: What is the attitude of the government?  A: During the three-year long bull market, the stock market went up and the government was not dissatisfied with the program trading.  A: Set up a committee to check the impact of program trading on the stock market. In fact, any price rise or fall is determined by supply and demand.  A: should take a neutral attitude is expected to rise buy, the market trend is clearly down can consider short selling because the short-selling side of the risk is unlimited, so be careful to control the possible degree of risk Q: the market trend determines everything A: Yes Q: you often win the battle, but encounter a bad hand, how to deal with?  A: A bad hand, you mean losing money, right?  Q: Thats exactly what I mean A: Losing money? The chances are slim, unless it is the immediate market trading losses or holding accounts show losses in the market, if the problem is in the old position, it is very simple, close the position and start over Q: is not easy?  A: In fact, to close out the losing positions, you can reconsider your market entry strategy with a clear mind, 36 moves is the best policy Q: What is the reason?  A: If there is a small hole in the sampan boat and there is water on board, you will never cut a hole to release the water, the only feasible strategy is to abandon the sampan and redeploy Q: But the speculation loss and the problem lies in the wrong judgment of the general trend, how to face such a dilemma?  A: I like to take a break and go to the beach to enjoy sunbathing when I encounter a headache, so that I can relax and clear my mind before entering the battlefield again Q: What are the important conditions for winning in investment?  A: A clear head and good analysis?  Q: Other conditions?  A: Concentration or no return Q: So simple?  A: Discipline is also very important to find the right method of buying and selling, do not be strictly adhered to the discipline, adhere to the end of the success Q: adherence to the rules?  A: The mind should be open, when you need to change the method of buying and selling, do not cling to the past majestic, in line with the trend can remain undefeated Q: most of the outstanding speculators have a set of strict rules of buying and selling, you are not an exception?  A: Risk management, buying and selling rules are the necessary conditions to win, I like to gradually accumulate the handicap, never commit the mistake of a lone bet Q: Other rules?  A: Always have respect for the market trend, like the abyss, like walking on thin ice, full of loss, humble benefit of the lesson in mind Q: Can you explain further?  A: The most winning trades, do not take it lightly, and win steadily Q: How to summarize the results after the daily market close?  A: It is my routine to analyze in detail the trades I made right or wrong, to know myself and my opponent in order to win a hundred battles Q: How to deal with the future market trend?  A: In addition to making a good forecast, we must be prepared for the possible reversal of the market trend; or when the market trend is calm, we must also deploy a good battle plan, and we must make early preparations for everything to avoid being overwhelmed in the battlefield Q: After you have millions of assets, how do you keep from losing?  A: Diversification, not one Q: After the 87 stock market crash, what are your feelings?  A: I was very worried about losing everything at any time, so I started buying short-term notes and pension-type investments Q: Your investment strategy is already very conservative, but you still need to make other arrangements, is that not a cause for concern A: Even if you have a lot of money, if the market suddenly stops, the consequences will be very serious