The Story of Gary Bevord One Shot at Fame

For many years, I had heard that BLH was a major player in the forextradingbrokerwebsite forex trading site, especially the worlds largest futures market for date bonds, forextradingwebsiteonline I thought at first that BLH was the name of a major firm, but after my search for the worlds most astute traders, I realized that BLH referred to Gary Bevord Who is Gary Bevord? Where did he get all the capital to move in and out of the Wall Street bond futures market, which is dominated by corporate institutions? He started trading 25 years ago with $1,000 in capital, initially trading only corn futures because he was limited by the size of cashback forex capital, and he finally made an enviable fortune. His trading philosophy was to pick one investment and become an expert in that area by focusing on the soybean and related grain markets. The problem he faced at the time was how to go from being a part-time trader with little capital to being a professional trader with plenty of capital. In that year, based on his knowledge of the soybean market and the advice of his agricultural economics professor Thomas Hieronymus, Bevord decided that soybean prices would go up, so he took a gamble and used all his money to buy 20 soybean contracts. At first, the price of soybeans really fell, so that Bevord was on the verge of bankruptcy, but Bevord gritted his teeth and persevered, and finally waited until the price of soybeans rose when Bevord sold the 20 contracts, he doubled his assets Bevord took a big step toward the goal of full-time traders with this transaction alone From then on, Bevords trading went smoothly to the early 1980s, the size of his transactions had reached the U.S. government regulations This factor, coupled with a very bad soybean trade in 1983, prompted Bevord to shift his trading focus to the bond futures market, which did not have a cap on speculative positions at the time (the bond futures market later implemented a cap on speculative positions of up to 10,000 contracts, while the soybean futures market had a cap on speculative positions of 600 contracts. But he also entered the market just as the bond futures market was bottoming out, and took a large long position in the market. One of the few traders in the futures market to be on par with corporate institutions