The story of Siriba the humiliation of the cross

During Siribas silent work, each sale forex trading site purchase cashback forex limited to one lot of sale and purchase by other forextradingwebsiteonline representatives of the eyes of which the suffering, a hard to say forextradingbrokerwebsite each sale and purchase is limited to one contract, will not bring inconvenience?  A: Other market representatives think that I am in the way, they feel the pain only when they have at least 10 or 20 contracts each time Q: In other words, for them, you are a troublesome person?  A: The options market is a first-come, first-served basis. Suppose you want to sell 100 contracts and I happen to be the first to buy the call, you have to get past me before you can deal with the second buyer, but of course the seller can risk breaking the rules and buy and sell directly with the second buyer.  A: Brokers always follow the rules, while some market speculators ignore my presence Q: What is the difference between the two?  A: Brokers buy and sell on behalf of their clients and earn commissions, while market speculators rely on speculation for their livelihoods, which are completely different in nature Q: Are you the only one who buys and sells single lot contracts?  A: Yes, of course, they called me the longest time single lot trading expert, I remember there was a big speculator who made millions of dollars in the options market, often insulted me, in order to achieve the goal, only dumb tolerance Q: self-esteem has been damaged?  A: A small setback to achieve the goal, it is not enough!  Q: One hand of trading, so you have paid a lot of humiliation, have you tried to increase the market bets A: The bets gradually increased, but not because of the eyes and make a change in strategy Q: What is the actual reason?  A: The encouragement of the boss behind the scenes Q: better performance, attitude has become more friendly A: bankers usually lend the first money extremely careful, but after the business is going well, the release of money naturally gradually increased, recently your performance has improved, the daily results are very stable, it seems that you can increase the market bets Q: fair advice A: in fact, he himself does not know much about speculation, but at the right time to give I was encouraged to move forward with confidence