The success of speculation in foreign exchange lies in the usual accumulation

Among the people who speculate forextradingbrokerwebsite foreign exchange, the successful person can always make people feel cashback forex he forex trading site able to make a large amount of money from the market, this feeling from the investor in the transaction is not surprised, at any time to be able to make the correct rate of the market larger judgment, forextradingwebsiteonline these things are more from the investors daily trading experience In order to make themselves also become such a person, so that people at a glance to feel that is A very close to the success of the person, the need for investors to their own specialized training, training the internal including the following aspects 1. for their own trading to make a specific plan, regardless of which currency they choose, since their own trading plan is based on their own trading concept, and the concept can not be perfect, then it is necessary to put it into a specific transaction to constantly improve 2. There is a sense of responsibility to speculate in foreign exchange investors in a market environment where it is impossible for you to influence the situation, no one will care about your existence, no one will care about your ideas, only you will care about yourself precisely so, you must take responsibility for all the things that happen to them The so-called willingness to bet on losing, is only an exaggeration means that the so-called bet is only your wishful thinking, if you firmly If you firmly believe that the market will work as you wish, and for this you pay an irrevocable price (lost opportunity or lost money), you can only admit to yourself that you are responsible for everything If you change your position and give up the idea of gambling, you can put yourself in the right position when anything happens When you stop making the same mistakes again and again, you have the opportunity to succeed 3. Weaknesses into their own advantages of gaining benefits do not try to overcome their so-called weaknesses, overcome will often make themselves from one extreme to another You can not find yourself timid, we must require themselves to overcome timidity and become bold, the biggest possibility of doing so because you become bold and lose the old capital Of course, bold people if you have to ask yourself to overcome the weaknesses of boldness, he will often be because The most wonderful thing about the financial markets is that no ones so-called weaknesses are real weaknesses, and if used well, anyones weaknesses can be turned into advantages for gaining benefits in the market. 4. be good at analyzing and summarizing yourself, and after a period of trading, you should be able to look at your previous trading process from the point of view of a spectator, looking for The success of speculation in foreign exchange lies in the usual accumulation is introduced here