What are the characteristics of foreign exchange products

Foreign forex trading site investment cashback forex divided into foreign exchange trading, option-based deposits forextradingbrokerwebsite foreign exchange forextradingwebsiteonline three types of which, foreign exchange trading and option-based deposits require investors to have a certain degree of expertise in foreign exchange, and the ability to judge the foreign exchange market requirements are high Therefore, foreign exchange structured financial products, which is commonly referred to as foreign exchange products have become the choice of most investors So foreign exchange What are the characteristics of foreign exchange products? A look at the domestic foreign exchange financial products can be described as a wide variety, summarized into five types of interest rates, exchange rates, credit, indices, commodity-linked, each type contains a different structure of products, and different products have different characteristics, so the risks and disadvantages are also different A, income products 1, characteristics: this type of product in the financial products market in the absolute dominant position, the market share Due to its fixed rate of return, the risk is almost zero (redeemable products may be prematurely terminated by the bank, there is a reinvestment risk), the starting deposit amount is low, coupled with the high awareness of risk avoidance of our residents, conservative financial concepts, the product is definitely the first choice of most investors 2, risk tips: when buying should consider the planning of future capital use and liquidity needs of most fixed In addition, the fixed rate of return will not allow investors to share the benefits of rising market interest rates II. 1 year linked currency usually choose the history of the volatility of a single currency or a basket of currencies, such as the euro, the Australian dollar and a basket of Asian currencies due to the greater risk, the expected return on the product can be very high, but the conditions for obtaining a high rate of return is very demanding, and the guaranteed rate of return is very low 2, risk tips: investors must pay attention to fully understand the historical trend of the linked currency when buying, the operation of the international exchange market has a certain understanding of The product requires high financial knowledge of investors, the terms are complex, so the market share is not large Three, and interest rate linked products 1, characteristics: this type of product is similar to the second category of products, but the linked indicator for the U.S. dollar or Hong Kong dollar market interest rate products longer term, usually one to three years; expected yield is higher, the terms of the restrictions are more relaxed and simple. 2, risk tips: when buying investors should have a basic judgment of future interest rate trends, such as rising or falling, how much fluctuation and then according to their own judgment against the yield restrictions, analysis of the probability of obtaining the highest yield, and finally make the decision whether to buy